Δευτέρα, 10 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Road To Success EmGoldex

Hello my Friends,

My name is Kyriaki-Georgia Koutsomitros and I am a
Participant gold buyer at


Gold is bought and sold throughout the world over 5000 years. Various cities and markets trade in investment gold for centuries . But only one city in the world is well known as the city of gold, it is Dubai, Dubai - City of Gold.

Emgoldex not only sells investment gold bars, but also provides a guarantee of buyback of gold from its customers with the most profitable prices. The customers of the company can use the service of certified depositories for gold and diamonds.

By working out the strategy of marketing program Goldex, the company took the best decisions checked up by time and has united them in the marketing program.

The program provides the clients of the Internet - shop to receive an unlimited income in the long-term period for advertising of selling production.

The purpose of creation of the program:

  • For the company — to expand a commodity market of a selling production.
  • For clients — to receive a payment for professional advertising, extended worlwide and to participate in distribution of profits of the Internet shop.

EmGoldex Argor Heraeus – earn your income in new investment gold bars!

I want you to know that this is not an MLM website, or something else.It is an investment Gold and Silver Company and we are the customers. 

 The big advantage that Emgoldex gives us though is to advertise her in the Social Media, to share her with our friends and associates and get payed
3255 EUROS repeated every 2-4 months

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